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I make the only highest quality hand-tied custom crappie Jigs here in Texas just North of Houston, Texas using only #4 Matzuo sickle hooks because we feel they catch more fish. I am a single species fisherman by choice and only fish for crappie because I feel it is more rewarding and the sport of catching crappie on a hand-tied crappie jig is beyond description. My crappie jigs catch crappie all over the United States of America. I do this as my hobby but have developed a passion for crappie fishing with jigs and every jig I offer for sale has been tested thouroghly to consistently catch crappie and stand up to the abuse us fishermen put our lures through. If it doesn't catch crappie consistently it goes in the trash as a failed experiment. I throw away more jigs each year than most avid crappie fishermen buy and use in a year and the rest I guarantee will catch crappie most anytime of the year although I have my favorites to use during certain weather conditions.

GOD Bless you all! & GOD Bless Texas!

16 pc. Pro Choice assortment of crappie jigs


16 piece "Pro Choice" pack. Our best selling assortment ever. It includes 4 - Texas Avocado Jigs, 4 - G-4 Jigs, 4 - Fire & Ice Jigs, 4 - Electric Chicken Jigs in a new water tight jig box with lanyard. Available in 1/32 oz and 1/16 oz. We keep these in stock and can ship out same or next day.



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